Sage Heart Healing

Sage Heart Healing

Come connect with & enliven your divine soul with Reiki & Sound Healing, with options for diving into energetic life coaching or bio-energic releases based on the Emotion Code. 

We are more than our thoughts, more than our life's stories, more than our past. We are divine beings of light encapsulated in human bodies on planet earth. Reiki and Sound healing let you connect deeply with your higher self and embrace more fully that divinity within YOU !!  

It fires up my soul to work with people and watch them embrace their true and most powerful selves. 

When I first started discovering the power available in the holistic and shamanistic healing practices, this quote by Jewel (at 20:31 in the video interview) really drove home the point for me: "I observe what I think, Therefore, I am. If I observe my thoughts, I am something other than my thoughts". 

Come find out how powerful you truly are!